I didn’t know I even had any courtiers?

I honestly can’t narrow down my favorite kisses to just three kisses! There’s way too much to choose from, and frankly not enough head space to memorize them all. ;D But there is one that stands out! It’s a pretty interesting story, but everything’s always interesting when those Flynn Rider instincts are involved!

On one of our picnic days, I decided to try and set up the food early while Eugene was still at his etiquette lessons. Little did I know that he was actually hiding from his etiquette instructors! He somehow ended up in a tree—the very tree I just so happen to set up the picnic under, Before I knew it, BAM! It hit me!

So to speak.

He thought he was being really smooth by doing that! But I, uh, guess I’m still sensitive to lips practically SLAMMING into mine.

His desperate attempt for a kiss led to me not being able to kiss him for a week!(or eat anything with salt on it!)

Ok, maybe the story wasn’t that interesting. But I still find it pretty ironic!

I honestly can’t imagine!